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Odin "Mjolnir"


This Collection has been imagined by Cedric Meldi ( 1963 ) following his journey, adventure in the world of the Nordic...

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Odin "Mjolnir"

Odin "Mjolnir"

This Collection has been imagined by Cedric Meldi ( 1963 ) following his journey, adventure in the world of the Nordic gods.

The supreme deity of Norse mythology and the greatest among the Norse gods was Odin, the Allfather of the Aesir. He was the awe-inspiring ruler of Asgard, and most revered immortal, who was on an unrelenting quest for knowledge with his two ravens, two wolves and the Valkyries. He is the god of war and, being delightfully paradoxical, the god of poetry and magic. 

Specifications : 

  • Size : L 10.5cm x H 11cm
  • Material :   Ceramic 🇫🇷
  • Package : Safe and solid package box for each product

Handling & Care :

When you choose Chandelier Paris, you choose superior quality. Our porcelain is practical and ideal for everyday use, because it is dishwasher-safe, oven-safe and microwave-safe - unless it is decorated with a precious metal.

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