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Maison Chandelier Paris

For more than 79 years, Chandelier Paris is the benchmark for Parisian decoration. Materials and Arts. Over the generations, Chandelier Paris has grown into a major player on the French luxury and international decorative arts scene. Porcelain has been used for millennia, but it still detains properties and applications whose potential has never been fully explored. In this quest I have been fortunate ; I have been able to build on the legacy of my predecessors and on the two-pronged approach that is the signature of our house: drawing from the traditions of a heritage craft, we seek to innovate and march to the beat of our own drum. This modus operandi is governed by the values of our family company which permeate our thinking and our entire approach to business. At Chandelier Paris we are all very proud to contribute the best of ourselves and keep up our ongoing quest for excellence.

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